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GPDA Profile

Gardulla Peoples Development Association (GPDA) is a local Ethiopian NGO founded on 21 October 1994 in Gidole City. For the last 26 years, the organization was called the Dirashe Peoples Development Association (DPDA),  in 2019 the name was changed to Gardulla Peoples Development Association (GPDA).    
Lack of infrastructure, inadequate health and education facilities, lack of clean drinking water and overwhelming social and economic problems of the Dirashe community were the main initiativen to establish the GPDA. Its aim is to solve the urgent socio-economic development problems of the Dirashe community step by step.  

Gardulla Peoples Development Association (GPDA) was registered with a new name after the renaming on 31 October 2019 in accordance with the Ethiopian Civil Society Organisation Proclamation No. 1113/2019 and was recognised as legal entity with the registration number 1959.  

Since its foundation in 1994, GPDA has implemented more than 48 projects. GPDA has its own, s ee-generatemeasures, paying members such as farmers, civil servants and other members who support the purposes of the organisation. The aim of GPDA is to improve theliving conditions of small farmers living in poverty and to achieve the SDGs.  

GPDA has 15staff, most of whom are university/college graduates and have a lot of project experience. GPDA generates revenue through membership fees  and  various  income-generating  measures. In the last 26 years, many projects have been implemented in cooperation with local and international organisations,this has always been done with own resourcesn of GPDA  supplemented by funds from international third-party donors. GPDA carries out all projects in accordance with the Ethiopian  regulations themselves and is recognized in the region as a professional organization, competent advisor and supporter. This is also demonstrated by the exceptionally high number of members  from a wide range of fields. 

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