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Projects accomplished by DPDA/GPDA in cooperation with funding organizations 

No. Type of project Area Donor Budget Utilized Year of accomplishment 
Grain store  Gato Farm Africa   
Slaughter house  Gato Farm Africa   
Seedling and distribution  Gato Mercy corps & farm Africa   
School construction  Gato Farm Africa & EU  July, 2008 
Pure potable drinking water  Busa  Farm Africa    
Purchase of school furniture  Busa Farm Africa   May, 2009 
Cementing of school classes  Busa Farm Africa   June, 2008 
Awareness creation on HIV/AIDS Holte EU   
Provision of school furniture  Holte Farm Africa   Sep, 2008 
10 Construction of toilet  Holte Farm Africa   Feb, 2009 
 Sub-total for FA, EU and cord aid Gato,Holte,Bussa Farm Africa,EU,Cord Aid ETB 14,913,715 July, 23/2004-July,22/09 
11 Construction of 10 class rooms, purchase of generator and 221 combined desk Gidole town Japan Grant Association  ETB 3,495,252.62 Feb, 22/2010-Jan 31/2013 
12 Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS 2 urban & 6 rural kebeles CRDA ETB 1,489,501.41 December, 2012 
13 HCT and VCT for PLWHIV Gidole town PATH ETB 417,843.41 December, 2011 
14 Cultural and natural resource conservation  18 kebeles CASE ETB 214,476 Dec, 2010-2013 
15 Cultural exhibition shade building  Gidole town Christensen  fund  ETB 1,245,714 Dec, 2015-2017 
16 Economic empowerment of vulnerable groups  01,02,walayte,holte and shilalle kebeles CRDA/CSSP ETB 667,337 Nov, 1/2012-Dec,30/2012 
17 Improving the livelihood of marginalized and undeserved group of derashe woreda 01,02,bussa-basso,yaybe kebeles British council Ethiopia/CSSP/ ETB 714,070 Sep, 15/2014-Sep, 30/2015 
18. Agro-Forestry in Rural Ethiopia: Set Up and Expansion of Partially Existing Training and Demonstration Structures for Sustainable Development of People and Nature  18 kebeles BMZ, Lions Deutschland & Antonia-Ruut-Stiftung ETB 22,186.350 Dec 1, 2020-Dec 31st 2023 
 Total Budget    ETB 45,344,259.44  

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